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Before I get to HeroesCon, I want to send out a huge THANKS to Grayson Osborne for all their help getting my website built again. I took it down from Wix a couple of years ago, and decided I needed it back up before convention season. I provided the images and hand-lettering and text, and Grayson is responsible for everything on the website side.

HeroesCon is always one of my favorite shows, perhaps my favorite. This year was no exception. Three solid days of pure comics. All the invited guests are comics professionals, illustrators, authors, sculptors, and retailers. It’s a dream show for anyone looking to find new talent, fill out their collections, and connect with their favorite writers, pencilers, inkers, colorists, letterers and editors from pretty much every era of comics. And, for us pros, it’s a great opportunity to network, see a LOT of art, hang out with friends, make new friends, and talk shop.

While I usually do a lot of coloring commissions at HeroesCon, I only managed about ten of them this time, and forgot to take photos. Luckily, one of my clients posted his finished commission, Thanos by Andy Smith. Copic markers, 9×12.

Photo: Arnie Grieves

I also got to draw something! Here is my contribution to an Iron Animals jam piece, the Iron Man-atee! It’s really rare for me to draw commissions; my drawing skills aren’t up to snuff yet for sketching superheroes. But cute animals? Heck yeah!

Photo: Rachel Caudill

I brought 15 new Teeny Paintings with me, and sold four of them. The rest of these will be available in the Store very soon!